We believe in being curious and keeping an open mind, which is why we keep our fingers on the pulse of the world around us

As experts in the field of healthcare communication and strategy, we conduct cutting edge research amongst patients and healthcare professionals to demonstrate efficacy in a real-world setting, we run two primary care societies, we work with charities and patient groups to educate and inform, and we deliver high-profile media campaigns. We’re experts in gut health, parenting, skincare, women’s health, nutrition, allergy and much more.

We might not be doctors, but we certainly know a lot of them… and pharmacists, and consultants, and nurses and midwives and dermatologists and gynaecologists and gastroenterologists… you get the idea! We understand that for a campaign to work, it’s important to gather as much information as possible. That’s why we’re so big on listening to the people who work on the front line.

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Some of the things we do

Did we mention we also organise healthcare training events, advisory boards, seminars and webinars? We even produce a magazine aimed at primary care.

Our approach is simple: take a problem, ask questions, think about it a lot and find an idea. Ideas are the most incredible thing we possess.