Mind The Gap

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To engage consumers in the importance of oral hygiene… not the sexiest of topics! And demonstrate that DenTek is a pioneering brand.

The challenge

A whopping 77% of tooth decay starts between the teeth. Although 34 million Brits use an electric brush which cleans significantly better than a manual brush, brushing with a toothbrush alone cleans just 60% of the tooth. However, one third of Brits have never flossed before and less than 25% floss on a regular basis.

With a huge percentage of the UK not cleaning between their teeth, we needed a snappy campaign to educate and motivate our audience to start including this vital step in their oral hygiene routine.


And so, Mind The Gap was born. Just as this famous warning phrase is issued when stepping on or off a train, so we wanted our engaging, three-word catchphrase to be a mental message that goes off every time someone cleans their teeth. To get the message out there, we developed the DenTek “Mind the Gap” Challenge. We sent a 6 month’s supply of DenTek interdental brushes and flossers to influencers, bloggers and journalists and asked them to report if they and their dentist noticed the difference in their dental health between check-ups. The challenge was backed by dentists and hygienists who contributed to press releases by highlighting the importance interdental cleaning.

Over the course of 12 months, Mind The Gap! generated 129 items of media coverage with an overall reach of 270 million. The campaign was featured in the Daily Mail and on radio. Across social media, we secured an industry-leading engagement rate of 3% (according to Amplify.com a “good” engagement rate is 1%)


  • 129 Items of coverage
  • 3 National
  • 3 Regional
  • 270m Reach overall
  • 3% Engagement rate