Medical Conference


Organise the event and manage the publicity for the Changing Face of Medicine conference in February 2020.

The challenge

This project brought together representatives from across the medical profession, patient groups, commercial organisations to look at the role of the doctor in the future. Its over-arching ambition is to influence long-term policy in this area. Additionally, it seeks to engage the public with its findings to begin to generate constructive debate and further influence future health policy.


Source a prestigious and suitable venue to host the event. Curate and invite a mailing list of guests including high profile attendees and experts in the field of medicine to attend the conference. Forge links between the Changing Face of Medicine and press including healthcare and national. This culminated in a day-long conference with excellent attendance, followed by a comprehensive report. Our work continues with the Changing Face of Medicine as we organise webinars and update press on the project’s next steps.