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Raise the profile of this top-of-the-range female intimacy product range. Tackle the taboo of vaginal dryness and intimate health issues, whether they’re a result of menopause, post-partum, cancer treatment, breast-feeding, vaginal atrophy or anything else. Drive brand awareness, product recommendation and engage journalists and bloggers. 


Intimate health issues are a sensitive topic and need to be handled correctly. We recruited the help of key women’s health KOLs to make sure we had our health message refined and on point.


We came up with a number of different ways to talk about key YES brand values, including launching the #stillsexy campaign at This Morning Live. #stillsexy continues to run and aims to empower older women and defy stereotypes around getting older, including what women should or shouldn’t wear, whether or not they feel sexy and who their older role models are. We also worked with menopause expert Dr Shahzadi to tackle the taboo of vaginal dryness.


  • We doubled the media coverage for YES in just 6 months
  • Coverage included major pieces in the Daily Mail (Britain’s number one female newspaper)
  • We created content for social media and our evaluation showed that the topic of vaginal dryness increased by 100%

Women’s health, intimate health, mindfulness, body positivity, sex positivity, ethical values are all coming more to the fore in the consumer consciousness and we like to think we contributed, with our campaign for YES.