Colic Awareness Month

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Raise awareness of infant colic and Infacol as the leading colic treatment.

Consumer insight

70% of mums haven’t heard of colic but they also value a good night’s sleep and are disturbed by a crying baby. The first six months of parenthood are stressful and being able to share concerns with experienced parents helps.

Colic awareness month – Infacol


An educational campaign linked to Cry-Sis, the only charity providing support for crying and sleepless babies. This involved creating Colic Awareness Month, conducting research, developing a media relations campaign, working with parenting journalists and bloggers, creating case studies and providing a new website for Cry-Sis and a mascot for the campaign.



  • 27.9m Radio reach
  • 450% Cry-sis website views increase
  • 27k Aocial shares
  • 10.6m Online readership